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Universal Truths about Doonas

   There is NO “perfect” doona. A great winter warmth doona

          will be too hot in summer,…(one for each season is ideal !)

  The filling will drift in all doonas except fully stitched squares.


  Feathers can be as warm as down,…

         you just need more of them (more grams per doona),

         but you’ll pay less for the doona !

   The total quantity of filling (gram weight) is what deter-

          mines the warmth of a doona regardless of % of down.


   The beauty of down is its light weight…

         The beauty of feathers is its light price !

   The enemy of feather-down is moisture & oils,

          ie. breathing, perspiration, skin/hair oils, &

          body moisture loss during sleep.


 Best maintenance for feather-down is a sunny warm,

         dry airing fortnightly while in use. Hang over a deck

         railing, clothesline, garden furniture or trampoline for 2-8 hrs.

  And Remember…

         There is no equality in bed…women usually have

         the cold feet,…while men seem to over-heat !....

        Until the 50’s age, & then it’s often the reverse!

For Optimum Doona Performance…

   *  If an extra blanket is occasionally needed, put it over

the doona, not under or between

   you and the doona.  The featherdown

   captures & holds your body heat best

   when it’s closest to you. You are the duck!


   *  For channelled doonas you can use your hand to sweep

the filling back up to the head of the bed daily in winter to keep

the filling even, & the ‘cold’ sleeper warm.

   *  Air or Sun your doona every fortnight while

   it’s in use.  Put it out in the doona cover (between washes)

 with the snaps open.

 This dries out the filling from accumulated

    body moisture, & keeps it fluffy & warmer,

    & fresh smelling !

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