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You may find yourself in the same position as many of

our customersyou bought your doona about 10 years

ago and were told, or were under the impression that it

“would last a lifetime,” or a generation….

but the truth is doonas don’t.  

There are 2 main reasons:

1.  Unlike the old feather ‘eiderdown’ which was used

 over blankets, you’re sleeping close to the doona so

 body moisture, perspiration, and stains Causes the

feather-down to go limp (a bit like dirty hair).  

2.   The movement of the feather-down rubbing up

 and down the channels wears it down to very fine fibres

 and broken feathers which don’t loft up  anymore.  

Eiderdowns were tightly filled & sewn into fixed

compartments so the filling did not move.   

more filling…a ‘top up’

The average doona at 8 to 10 years is still Ok,

 but usually needs more filling, a 'top-up'.

We do lots of this.

 It may also need washing, but not necessarily.

Note:  Square stitched doonas can not be refilled.

The average doona at 15+  years usually  shows

 signs of the case itself  Wearing,with little holes

along the perspiration-stained neck end.  

This is the the classic sign of the end of a long

(& passionate !?)  life for the doona……

when the cotton case has perished, the filling

has also… & it is time to buy a new one.

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Your old featherdown doona can be revived at Feather Your Nest. We repair and revive old Featherdown products and can even Update your old eiderdown or featherbed   Your Doonas Destiny  Your Pillows Destiny  Our Services

Your Old Pillow’s Destiny

Your Old Doona’s Destiny

At Feather Your Nest  our Workroom Services

for Doonas include:

* Refilling (topping up)

* Thinning out

* Resizing/Recasing

* Cross stitching

* Repairing tears, etc

* Updating Eiderdowns & Featherbeds into the doona style

* Sleeping bags also serviced where possible


A typical service would be topping up a 10 year old channelled Queen doona.  Remember, square stitched doonas can’t be refilled. This can be done usually in 2-4 days & cost approx. $120 (Oct’15)

If you don’t live locally, you can ring us to discuss, then send your doona in with friend, by post, or courier to be serviced.  We will return it to your friend, or by post or courier.


* Japara Fabric (feather-proof) 100% cotton, 160cm wide,


* Doona Cases, ‘Ready-to-fill’, walled channels ( all sizes)

* Pillow Cases, ‘Ready-to-fill’, piped (all sizes)

* Bulk Feather & Down

NOTE:  We do not clean any featherdown products,

but we can offer you advice .

Our Services

'Far too old -

Time for new'

Featherbed - being emptied into doona case

Down going into doona case

Very typical Doona showing age by holes & perspiration discolouration