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Feather Your Nest  has the well-earned reputation for

being the 'go to' shop for people who can't get

comfortable with their old pillow and are frequently

waking up with a sore, stiff neck, and, or a headache .
During 35 years of helping people with their pillows,

we hear these 5 common problems over & over.....

Do you experience any of

these sleep problems…?

*  Neckaches in the morning ?*

 Waking with morning headaches ?

*  Pain along shoulders or near

    spine between shoulders ?

*  Persistent sore neck, shoulder,

    or headaches even after

    repeated treatments by therapists ?

*  Sore areas on head or ears at night ?

These are all classic signs of the wrong pillow !

Are you looking for….

Relief from recurring neckaches,  or shoulder pain.

Waking up without headaches .     

No ongoing need for visits for therapy.

No soreness on head or ears.

The Answer is this…

It’s your pillow…most pillow fillings aggravate the neck muscles. Rubber & foam & polyester ‘slab’ pillows don’t let your muscles relax & sink into the pillow ...they are springy & push back against your neck & head.  Feather & down gives way & lets you settle in...

By sleeping on the right * feather-down  filled pillow your neckaches &/or morning headaches will definitely diminish, and most usually disappear in a few days.

We know that our pillows relieve aches & pains because of consistently positive feedback, customer referrals, & repeat sales over 35 years. Our comprehensive range of over 40 feather-down pillows was

developed to provide the ‘right’ pillow for every sleeper.

*Right = the appropriate height  for your size & sleeping position, + your preferred texture (soft, med., firm)

So, what to do next......

We are very aware that over the years you have probably purchased many pillows from  shop shelves  sealed in  plastic bags promising ‘wonderful relaxing sleep’ ....and they finish up in your linen cupboard, or, on the guest bed...

That’s why we much prefer to have you in our shop lieing on our try-out bed so you can physically test several & choose the one that feels best to you.

Since that’s not always possible, the next best thing is for you to phone us so we can ask you questions and match you to the pillow most likely to be comfortable.

So, if you’re sick of fighting with your pillow every night, either come in & try out our pillows...or...ring us now regarding your situation, problem, etc. & we’ll do our best to select one to send out to you.

NOTE:  Pillows are not returnable, but we can & often do either add more filling or take some out to suit you.

Your “go-to” Pillow Shop

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Pillow Fillings Pillow Types Cushion Inserts

Standard  45 x 70 cm

King Size 50 x 90 cm

Boomerang, 60cm

leg to peak

Body Pillow

45cm x 1500cm

Did we mention we also stock Euro Pillows 65 x 65 cm

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